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France’s favourite desserts

France's favourite desserts

Eclairs, pies, chocolate cake, crème brûlée ... The French are crazy about desserts! Discover through this study an overview of the current market, a consumer survey and a survey of restaurant owners. Bon appétit!

A complete report that will allow you to :

**Observe the different variables & trends of the dessert market in France.

** Identify the different places of out-of-home consumption of French people (market shares, consumption frequency…

** Identify the most favored desserts of consumers in full service and quick service restaurants.

** Evaluate how to work the dessert offer into French restaurants (preparation mode, dessert strategy …)



  • Trends in commercial catering (table service, fast food & fast casual)
  • Desserts adapted to dietary trends
  • The macaron from every angle
  • Desserts which inspire chefs
  • The appearance of new ingredients
  • The emergence of tea rooms and coffee shops
  • Finger food
  • 100% concepts
  • Exporting French Pastry Shop


  • Location and frequency of dessert consumption outside of the home.
  • Market share of different locations for dessert consumption
  • Ordering desserts in restaurants
  • The most consumed desserts outside of the home
  • Expectations concerning desserts in the restaurant industry.


Table service & Fast food

  • Trend indications
  • The desserts offered by restaurants
  • The best-selling desserts in restaurants
  • Average number of sales per dessert
  • Average sale prices of desserts
  • The Dessert strategy
  • Progress of dessert sales
  • Reasons for changes in dessert sales according to restaurateurs
  • Client expectations according to restaurateurs
  • Prospects
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