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Using Foodservice Data to Develop Strong Go-To-Market Strategies

02:01:14 PM

Are there insights hiding in your data that would make it easier to bring your product to market?

The short answer is: yes.

On December 10 Catherine Kearns of CHD Expert partnered with Susan Sanford of AFS Technologies to present a webinar entitled “Fact-Based or Gut-Based: The Smarter Way to Develop Foodservice Go-To-Market Strategies.” In this webinar they discussed the challenges and opportunities that providers face when bringing their products to the foodservice market.

Developing winning sales and marketing campaigns and strategies can be a daunting task, particularly when you think about the vast number of operators you can target and the variety of go-to-market strategies you can employ to reach those operators. With limited time, resources, and budget it can be difficult to create the “perfect” strategy, so many teams find themselves duplicating last year’s strategy or taking a big leap of faith with an entirely new plan.

Our webinar focused on a better way to develop go-to-market strategies – a process that focuses on foodservice data and facts rather than educated guesses or gut feelings. By using these data insights, providers are better positioned to take advantage of white space opportunities and get their products into new markets.

Catherine Kearns, General Manager of CHD Expert, touched on the foodservice landscape of the United States, the challenges faced by sales and marketing teams, and what organizations can learn from their data.

The foodservice landscape in the US can be overwhelming in terms of getting your products in front of operators. There are 1.3 million operators in the CHD Expert database. How can you effectively prioritize and promote your product to these operators?

In the webinar Catherine detailed how to use your data to profile and target operators in order to market to them. She also discusses how data can help you determine your marketing messaging and pinpoint white space opportunities – the customers that are buying a similar product to yours.

Also during the webinar Susan Sanford of AFS Technologies discussed TradePro Foodservice & Discovery G2 reports. This tool includes operator-level reporting and allows providers to target new customers, identify lost business, and determine white space opportunities with current customers.

Transactional data in the Discovery G2 tool lets providers analyzers gain visibility into volume and dollars associated with an operator, but you can also view the data in many factors, including distribution, brand, categories, and products.

These datasets allow you to profile your current customers as well as determine what is sales-worthy and identify like-type operators that you want to target.

The partnership between CHD Expert and AFS Technologies makes foodservice data even more actionable.

Want to learn how to successfully bring your product to market? Click below to watch the recorded webinar and learn more about developing effective go-to-market strategies.

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