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Foodservice Operators Meeting Consumer Demand for Healthy Options

09:42:13 AM

healthy options in foodserviceAmerican diets are changing. Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertisements for the latest fad diets and workout programs. Much attention is paid to health and wellness, but is that translating to everyday habits? The answer seems to be yes – and that has meaning for the foodservice industry.

As consumers work to take charge of their health, foodservice manufacturers, suppliers, and operators are altering products and menus to reduce sodium, cholesterol, sugar, and saturated and trans fat.

A recent 2014 study from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Economic Research Service found that American adults are choosing healthier food and consuming fewer calories from fat and saturated fat. The study also found that Americans are consuming less cholesterol, eating more fiber, and making better use of nutritional information.

With Americans’ diets trending toward more nutritious foods, restaurants and foodservice operators are updating their menus to include a wider range of healthy options. As of September 2015, there are over 56,500 restaurants with “healthy options” within Easy2FIND.

Of the restaurants in Easy2FIND with healthy options, 70% are Limited Service and 30% are Full Service.

Many Americans often choose delis, smoothies, and sandwich restaurants for the perceived nutritional value of their offerings. The top five Menu Types with the largest number of units with healthy options within Easy2FIND are Sandwiches, Coffee/Tea, Varied Menu, Mexican, and Pizzeria.

As these establishments expand to meet consumer demand for fresh, organic and minimally processed ingredients, operators will be looking to source new, healthier products from suppliers.

Are you interested in learning more about restaurants with healthy options in the United States?

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