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Top Global Restaurant Delivery Trends

09:04:42 AM

Global Restaurant Delivery Trends Globally, consumer interest in restaurant delivery continues to increase as consumer lifestyles  become progressively more fast paced. Whether it be due to a busy schedule or simply because it is more convenient, more people are choosing to enjoy restaurant cuis ...

This Week in the Foodservice Industry

12:19:10 PM

The Latest in Foodservice Industry News Check out this week's round-up for the best industry updates, cool videos, and pretty much everything else you need to know this week! Never miss a thing Stay up-to-date! Get these straight to your inbox every week. Subscribe to our newsletter Sign Up http ...

How We Helped This Fortune 500 Company Learn It Was Missing 55% of the Swedish Market​

12:37:34 PM

How We Helped This Fortune 500 Company Learn It Was Missing 55% of the Swedish Market Utilizing our business intelligence and data platform, this beverage company was able to analyze its market share while receiving the complete data for the missing market share. GOAL Find White Space Opportunit ...

Not All Data Management Services Are Equal

03:03:06 PM

Not all Data Management Services Are Equal The amount of time it takes to go from disconnected data to actionable insights is extreme. So, it is critical to harness business data for effectual decision-making. Many organizations struggle with the accuracy of data. Bad or Dirty Data refers to inf ...

Fresh From the Oven: CHD Expert Shares the Latest Foodservice Data on the U.S. Pizza Restaurant Industry

10:19:55 AM

Whether they prefer to toss the dough themselves or order up delivery from a neighborhood joint, one thing is clear about Americans and pizza: they love it. Pizza has become a casual food staple in the United States and inspired wave after wave of restaurants dedicated to serving up slices. As o ...

CHD Expert North America and FRANdata Announce Partnership

01:59:26 PM

CHD Expert, a global leader in aggregating, analyzing, and managing foodservice data, and FRANdata, a top research and advisory firm that tracks all franchising activity in the US and Australia, announce a new strategic partnership that will benefit foodservice industry suppliers who focus on s ...

Modern Asian Cuisine: CHD Expert Evaluates the 2017 Asian Restaurant Landscape

09:54:18 AM

With the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Rooster upon us, CHD Expert decided to evaluate recent trends within the Asian restaurant landscape across the United States. Over the years we have seen Asian food transform from a specialized market into some of the most popular menu types in the U ...

Chicken Wings Rule the Roost in U.S. Restaurants

09:54:44 AM

How did a throwaway cut of meat become one of America’s favorite foods? Foodie fans of the chicken wing may not believe it, but it wasn’t that long ago that chicken wings were considered nothing more than a kitchen scrap. If one of the popular origin stories is to be believed, the chicken wing g ...

New Year, New Flavors: Food and Menu Trends for 2017

02:11:11 PM

Now that the new year is officially upon us, many in the foodservice industry are turning their attention to the new wave of trends set to take 2017 by storm. Can you guess which menu trends will be a hit with diners this year? Chefs and foodservice operators across the nation are already experi ...

2017 Trade Shows: A Quick Look at Where CHD Expert Will Be

10:04:09 AM

At CHD Expert we often have the opportunity to attend many trade shows throughout the year, and we appreciate the chance to explore and learn about new innovations in the foodservice industry. We also understand that trade shows offer manufacturers, distributors, operators and other professional ...

Happy Holidays & Season’s Greetings from CHD Expert!

01:02:44 PM

At CHD Expert we understand that this can be a very busy time for those in the foodservice industry, so we just wanted to take a moment to wish you a very happy holiday season. This is the perfect time of year to reflect on all of the past year’s accomplishments as well as plan for another succe ...

Shakeups, Sales & Stats: What’s New in the US Foodservice Industry for Winter 2016

01:35:22 PM

The foodservice industry in the United States is always changing. As new concepts, innovations, and trends take hold, the foodservice landscape evolves and changes the way that many operators, manufacturers, and suppliers do business. As the industry leader in foodservice data, CHD Expert unders ...

High-End Experiences: A Look at the Fine Dining Landscape of the USA

10:15:08 AM

Did you know Americans eat out an average of 4.5 times per week? Despite being so commonplace, an away-from-home dining experience can still offer the American consumer something unique, particularly when they visit one of the more than 5,100 Fine Dining restaurants in the United States. By defi ...

Fresh Out of the Oven: A Look at the Bakeries/Donuts/Snacks Menu Type in the USA

05:55:49 PM

It should come as no surprise that American consumers are big fans of snacks and baked goods. After all, many Americans gleefully celebrate days like National Donut Day, National Bagel Day, and similar holidays. At CHD Expert we have comprehensive data on a variety of menu types, and we recently ...

Foodservice Segments: Understanding GFC Codes and Foodservice Definitions

09:00:00 AM

As an industry leader in collecting, managing, and analyzing foodservice data, we at CHD Expert are often asked about foodservice segmentation and the various foodservice definitions and GFC codes within the foodservice market. With this being such a frequently asked question, we wanted to take ...

Hot Dogs, Burgers and Ice Cream Make the Perfect Summertime Eats

11:34:50 AM

This July 4th, at Nathan’s Famous 100th Anniversary Hot Dog Eating Contest, Joey “Jaws” Chestnut set a world record eating 70 hot dogs in 10 minutes. And while that’s more hot dogs than many Americans would eat in a year, there is no doubt that America loves hot dogs in the summer. CHD Expert, t ...

City of Foodies: CHD Expert Evaluates the Los Angeles Restaurant Landscape

05:45:19 PM

It’s no secret that the “City of Angels” could easily double as the “City of Foodies.” CHD Expert, the Chicago-based foodservice database and analytics firm, has recently released the latest data surrounding the restaurant landscape of Los Angeles, California. From fine dining and filets to fast ...

Foodservice Industry Roundup: What’s New for Summer 2016?

01:18:15 PM

The foodservice industry is dynamic. New trends and innovations are continuously entering the landscape and changing the way that operators, manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors do business. As the industry leader in foodservice data, CHD Expert understands how important it is to stay on t ...

Celebrating 10 Years of CHD Expert North America

11:05:38 AM

We are very pleased to announce that this is the 10-year anniversary of CHD Expert North America. We are proud to serve a community of dedicated foodservice operators, suppliers, manufacturers, sales and marketing teams, and other professionals. CHD Expert has spent the past ten years perfecting ...

Spring 2016: What’s Happening in the Foodservice Industry?

11:44:22 AM

The foodservice industry is always evolving and new trends are always popping up. As an industry leader in foodservice data, we at CHD Expert pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest news and developments in the industry so that we may share these fresh insights with clients and colleagues. ...

CHD Expert Releases Their 2016 Restaurant Unit Report, Reporting Industry Counts by State, Menu Type and Segment

09:59:42 AM

At CHD Expert, we understand that the supply chain is an incredibly complex system, and we know how crucial it is for suppliers to have detailed, comprehensive information about the restaurant industry in order to be as profitable as possible. This is why each year we compile and segment robust ...

March Trade Show Rundown: 2016 Pizza Expo and the Nightclub & Bar Show

05:24:54 PM

Here at CHD Expert we understand the value of foodservice trade shows. Attending a trade show is a great way to see the latest products and learn about new innovations in the food industry. There are a variety of prominent foodservice trade shows in March, and this month our VP of Sales and Mark ...

Taking a Look at a Slice of the Pizza Industry

11:43:00 AM

Whether you prefer Chicago deep dish or New York’s crispier crust, there is one thing that most people can agree on when it comes to pizza: it’s delicious! Pizza has become so popular in the United States that it has graduated from just a simple food to a cultural staple. People are serious abou ...

A Quick Look at Six Upcoming Foodservice Trade Shows

12:16:35 PM

At CHD Expert, we understand the unique learning and business opportunities that foodservice industry trade shows present to operators, manufacturers, distributors, and other industry professionals. We’re grateful to be able to attend and explore many great trade shows throughout the year, and w ...

Organic and Locally-Sourced Foods Remain Popular in the US

04:20:23 PM

We’ve mentioned consumers demands for healthy food before here on the CHD Expert blog. That trend does not seem to be slowing, and it has been giving rise to another foodservice trend over the past few years: Americans’ growing preference for organic and locally-sourced foods. According to the U ...

Wing It: CHD Expert Evaluates the Chicken Wing Landscape of the United States

04:13:05 PM

Chicken wings have evolved from a bar snack into one of America’s favorite culinary sensations – and not just in chicken wing-specific restaurants. Chicken wings are found in restaurants of almost any menu type, often as an appetizer. As of December 2015, there are over 3,200 restaurants in the ...

Season’s Greetings from CHD Expert!

09:00:00 AM

Holiday cheer is once again in the air, so we at CHD Expert wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy holiday season. We know things can be hectic for those in the foodservice industry around this time of year, but we hope that as 2015 comes to a close you’ll take a moment to think about the p ...

Uncorked: The Growing Popularity of Wine in the United States

10:28:14 AM

You might think that the largest wine market in the world is France. Or is it Italy? Or maybe Spain? These are all fine guesses, but all are incorrect. As of 2010 the largest wine market in the world is actually the United States. According to the Wine Institute, in 2014 Americans drank 2.80 gal ...

Happy Thanksgiving!

07:00:00 AM

We at CHD Expert would like to take a moment to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We’re thankful for all our clients and wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing CHD Expert. We appreciate that you have chosen us as your go-to source for foodservice data and restaurant industry ...

CHD Expert Evaluates the Fast Casual Restaurant Landscape of the United States

12:05:55 PM

In today's evolving foodservice landscape, changing consumer dining habits can lead to new innovations – and can even lead to the development and rise of new concepts and restaurant segments. As Americans eat healthier and become more concerned with the food on their plates (and how it got there ...

Latin American Cuisine: A Look at the South & Central American/Caribbean Menu Type

11:09:24 AM

When there is a chill in the air many Americans turn to food to warm them up. In addition to soups and hot beverages, adventurous diners also seek out spicier dishes. Latin America is an extremely diverse area that’s home to many delicious and unique dishes. The majority of these dishes enjoy a ...

CHD Expert no 8º Congresso Internacional de Foodservice da ABIA no Brasil

01:32:54 PM

CHD Expert teve o prazer de atender o 8º Congresso Internacional de Foodservice da ABIA em São Paulo, Brasil O Brasil é uma nação vibrante, repleta de conceitos interessantes e inovadores na indústria de alimentos e bebidas. Com uma diversificação muito grande, a paisagem do foodservice brasilei ...

Trick or Treat: A Halloween Treat from CHD Expert

10:52:08 AM

We wanted to take a moment to say Happy Halloween from all of us here at CHD Expert! While most foodservice consumers are trending toward healthier options when they dine out, Halloween is often thought of as a chance to indulge in some sugary snacks. So whether you’re snacking on candy or enjoy ...

How Mobile Technology is Changing the Foodservice Industry

10:57:49 AM

Nearly two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone, according to the Pew Research Center's “U.S. Smartphone Use in 2015” report. Smartphone ownership is particularly prevalent among younger Americans and those with higher education and income levels. Fifteen percent of smartphone users also report ...

CHD Expert at ABIA’s 8th International Congress of Foodservice in Brazil

02:38:20 PM

CHD Expert was pleased to attend ABIA's 8th International Congress of Foodservice in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Brazil is a vibrant nation filled with interesting and innovative restaurant concepts. With such a diverse restaurant landscape, the Brazilian foodservice landscape is distinct and different f ...

New Restaurant Data: The Evolving Restaurant Landscape of the US

09:00:00 AM

Many people in the foodservice industry dream of owning their own restaurant. According to the National Restaurant Association, eight in ten restaurant employees believe that the restaurant industry is a field where people from all backgrounds could open their own business. Experience within the ...

Foodservice Operators Meeting Consumer Demand for Healthy Options

09:42:13 AM

American diets are changing. Today’s consumers are bombarded with advertisements for the latest fad diets and workout programs. Much attention is paid to health and wellness, but is that translating to everyday habits? The answer seems to be yes – and that has meaning for the foodservice industr ...

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

09:00:00 AM

Happy Labor Day Weekend from CHD Expert! With Labor Day here, that means an unofficial end of summer. Thankfully, however, the weather is still on our side, so you can enjoy a nice day outdoors and fire up the grill. Speaking of the grill, have you seen CHD Expert’s latest evaluation of the barb ...

Canadian Foodservice Market: CHD Expert Looks at the Restaurant Landscape of Canada

05:35:47 PM

CHD Expert is known for its US foodservice data, but we offer data for a wide range of other countries as well, including Canada. We recently expanded our offerings in North America and updated our Canadian foodservice database to include retail operators along with our pre-existing commercial a ...

Sustainable Foodservice: Business Incentives for Going Green

09:36:02 AM

Today’s foodservice landscape is always evolving. One of the ideas that the foodservice industry has begun to accept and incorporate into operations over the last few years has been sustainability. As we’ve previously discussed on the CHD Expert blog, today’s consumers care about how the food th ...

Hot Off the Grill: CHD Expert Evaluates the Latest Burger Trends

06:42:40 PM

As the summer continues to sizzle, so does one of America’s favorite foods: Hamburgers. CHD Expert, the Chicago-based foodservice data and analytics firm, has evaluated the current hamburger restaurant landscape of the United States and uncovered recent trends that offer new insight into this ma ...

Hoppy Days are Here Again: The Growth of Craft Beer and Brewpubs in the US

02:08:31 PM

The beer industry in the United States, once ruled by the big brew houses, has transformed into a David and Goliath scenario, with microbreweries across the country giving the “big guys” a run for their money. Craft beer is booming in the United States. The production volume of craft beer in 201 ...

CHD Expert Shares a Few Quick Facts on Education Foodservice in the US

12:13:43 PM

There are approximately 109,800 K-12 schools, 5,000 universities, and over 13,000 school districts in the United States, according to CHD Expert’s foodservice database. Now that it’s August, many faculty members in education foodservice are gearing up for the start of operations in the fall. The ...

Need A Vacation? CHD Expert Evaluates the Hotel and Lodging Landscape in the USA

12:01:29 PM

With the rise of AirBNB, VRBO, and Home Exchange websites, the hospitality industry has been shaken up in recent years, creating new challenges for not only hotel owners and managers, but for industry suppliers as well. Considering the evolution of the industry, and the perspective of the hospit ...

Foodservice Trends: Consumers Demand Customization Options

09:00:00 AM

As CHD Expert has previously reported, the restaurant landscape in the United States is growing. While the industry overall is growing, Technomic has reported that menus across the US are shrinking. In Technomic’s “The Incredible Shrinking Menu” analysis from April 2015, consumers from all gener ...

Gluten-Free Menu Options Are Here to Stay

06:30:57 PM

Today’s consumers are more engaged with what they eat, from sustainability to a restaurant’s values to what goes into the food. One of the more talked about "trends" in the foodservice industry in recent years is gluten. Gluten is a mixture of two proteins found in cereal grains, particularly wh ...

Don’t Forget Your Wet Napkin: CHD Expert Digs Into the Barbecue Restaurant Industry in the United States

05:02:00 PM

To the chagrin of folks in Texas, the Carolinas, and other Southern states, Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que recently won a USA TODAY 10Best readers poll for best Southern BBQ. While there is never a loser when it comes to eating good BBQ, CHD Expert, the Chicago-based foodservice database and analyt ...

Happy 4th of July! A Look at Independence Day Eats

09:00:00 AM

Happy 4th of July! Today we celebrate the birth of the United States. Americans all across the country will mark the occasion with parades, American flags, and (of course) fireworks. But what foods will they be cooking up? Hot dogs and hamburgers are the standard American cookout foods, but ther ...

CHD Expert Gears Up for Summer Trade Shows

11:54:59 AM

As always, CHD Expert is excited to have the opportunity to attend some innovative and interesting foodservice trade shows this summer. One of the bigger challenges we face each year is deciding which trade shows to attend and recommend to our friends and industry colleagues. Both the summer sea ...

CHD Expert is Prepping for the 2015 NRA Show

10:24:36 AM

It’s that time of year again! The National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show takes place this week (May 16-19) in Chicago, hometown of CHD Expert. There’s been good news about the restaurant industry lately, including the fact that there was 2 percent positive net market change in the total numb ...

CHD Expert Releases the Latest Comprehensive Report of the Restaurant Industry by State

09:00:00 AM

CHD Expert, the Chicago-based foodservice database and analytics firm, has released its highly anticipated 2015 Restaurant Unit Report.  The Unit Report breaks down the volume of restaurants by menu type and segment in each of the 50 United States. The Restaurant Unit Report’s segmentation separ ...

Protein Gains In Popularity: A Look at the Protein Menu Type in the US

01:47:00 PM

All across the United States consumers are looking for new ways to add more protein into their diets, whether it’s eating more traditional proteins such as red meat or opting for protein alternatives such as turkey or meatless options like soy. From television ads to grocery store shelves, prote ...

Positive Growth for the US Restaurant Industry in 2014

02:28:18 PM

We at CHD Expert are happy to report positive news for the restaurant industry. There was a 2 percent positive net market change in the total number of operating US restaurant establishments in 2014, according to CHD Expert’s 2009 – 2014 Commercial Trends Data Report. In 2014 there was a net gai ...

CHD Expert Reports Positive Growth for the US Restaurant Industry in 2014

05:00:00 PM

CHD Expert, the Chicago-based foodservice database and analytics firm, announces that the overall US restaurant sector is growing; after six years, the market is back to the level it was at in 2009. According to CHD Expert’s 2009 – 2014 Commercial Trends Data Report, last year yielded a 2 percen ...

CHD Expert speaks to Cronkite News about Asian cuisine

05:47:00 PM

Brad Bloom, VP of sales and marketing at CHD Expert, recently spoke with Cronkite News about the growing popularity of Asian cuisine. The article discusses recent foodservice data from CHD Expert’s Easy2FIND database detailing the Asian restaurant landscape in the United States. Did you know tha ...

Bar and Nightclub Data: What’s New in 2015

09:15:58 AM

There are over 56,000 bars and nightclubs in operation in the US, according to data from the CHD Expert foodservice database. This should come as no surprise, as bars and nightclubs are cornerstones of American nightlife. Those 56,000+ bars and nightclubs make up 8% of the total US restaurant la ...

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! What’s New with Bar and Grill Data

09:00:00 AM

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Today is the day that “happy hour” transforms into an all-day celebration of beer, all things green, and sometimes a combination of the two. Americans across the country will be filling pubs, taverns, bars and nightclubs to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. They will undoubte ...

Independent and Chain Restaurant Data

11:16:28 AM

In the United States, many menu types are dominated by chains. However, it might surprise you to learn that the total overall number of Independent restaurants outnumbers chain restaurants by nearly two to one. In our latest press release, CHD Expert examines the market landscape for Independent ...

Fine Dining Restaurant Data: Americans Spend Big on Valentine’s Day Foodservice

12:30:16 PM

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, which means millions of Americans are buying heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and making dinner reservations. Approximately $9.67 billion is spent on meals on Valentine’s Day in the United States, according to recent studies. With Valentine’s Day being ...

Snack and Dessert Menu Type Data: A Quick Look at Munchies in the US

09:54:22 AM

With February approaching people across the United States are making plans for two big events related to the snack and dessert menu type: the Super Bowl and Valentine’s Day. These events seem like they’re worlds apart, but in fact they have at least one thing in common: food. While sports fans a ...

Technology in the Foodservice Industry Connects Operators and Consumers

02:22:22 PM

There is no shortage of exciting new technologies in today’s foodservice industry. Many technologies have developed as a way to keep pace with growth and customer demands, particularly the younger tech-savvy generation. As with any innovation in the foodservice industry, the main driver behind t ...

Using Foodservice Data to Develop Strong Go-To-Market Strategies

02:01:14 PM

Are there insights hiding in your data that would make it easier to bring your product to market? The short answer is: yes. On December 10 Catherine Kearns of CHD Expert partnered with Susan Sanford of AFS Technologies to present a webinar entitled “Fact-Based or Gut-Based: The Smarter Way to De ...

Happy New Year! What’s New in the Foodservice Industry

09:00:00 AM

Hello, and Happy New Year from everyone at CHD Expert! The New Year has officially arrived and it has brought some exciting new developments with it. We at CHD Expert have made some exciting new improvements to Easy2FIND, our web-based tool that allows users to access foodservice operator data. ...

Happy Holidays from CHD Expert!

12:36:01 PM

We here at CHD Expert know that this can be a very busy season for many in the foodservice industry, and so we wanted to take just a moment to wish you a very happy holiday. This is the time of year to spend with loved ones and reflect on all that you have accomplished during the year, but it is ...

FDA Finalizes New Rules for Calorie Counts on Menus

09:00:00 AM

The FDA recently finalized two rules requiring foodservice operators to list calorie information on menus and provide customers with nutritional information about foods eaten away from home. The 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act required the new FDA labeling requirements. The menu ...

8 Flavor and Menu Trends for 2015

04:02:00 PM

The New Year will be here soon and it’s likely to bring a new wave of menu trends with it. McCormick has released their Flavor Forecast for 2015, detailing some of the flavor trends they expect we’ll see on menus next year. After making their foodservice trend predictions McCormick will speak wi ...

Happy Thanksgiving from CHD Expert

09:49:10 AM

From everyone here at CHD Expert we want to wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving! We’re grateful for all our clients and wanted to take this moment to say thank you for choosing CHD Expert. We love creating solutions and providing foodservice data that helps so many businesses reach their sales an ...

Trade Show Recap: International Hotel Motel and Restaurant Show (IHMRS) 2014

04:47:09 PM

The 99th annual International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show® (IHMRS) recently took place in New York City and CHD Expert was lucky to attend. The show played host to industry players looking to source the latest in hospitality products and services. Being the longest running trade event for the ...

CHD Expert to attend the International Hotel Motel and Restaurant Show (IHMRS), Nov. 9-11

03:17:00 PM

The 99th annual International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show® (IHMRS) will be kicking off in New York City on Sunday and CHD Expert is happy to announce we will be in attendance. In anticipation of the show, CHD Expert has pulled some interesting stats from the Easy2FIND database regarding the h ...

Happy Halloween from CHD Expert

09:57:17 AM

It's that time of year again - kids are clamoring for candy and people of all ages are slipping on costumes and preparing for a night of scares. We just wanted to say Happy Halloween from all of us here at CHD Expert! In addition to ghouls and goblins this holiday season also brings back a popul ...

What to Consider When Assessing a Foodservice Market

01:34:04 PM

Many foodservice organizations struggle when trying to assess their current market or a new market that they are contemplating becoming involved in. Companies need to dutifully assess factors such as the size of the market, how much of the market is attainable, and the actions needed to succeed. ...

Foodservice Distributors Can Use Data to Grow Their Businesses

09:12:07 AM

Foodservice distributors have benefited from many of the technological evolutions and advances of the past decade, and as we move even further into a world where innovations are happening at lightning speed, smart distributors will be looking for the next technological building block that will h ...

Congratulations to CHD Expert France for Participating in the Run in Lyon

05:45:00 PM

We here at CHD Expert North America wanted to congratulate a few members of the CHD Expert team in France on their completion of the Run in Lyon on Sunday, October 5. This was the fifth annual Run in Lyon and participants were offered three events to partake in: 10 km, half marathon (21.1 km) an ...

September 29 is National Coffee Day: How the Coffee and Tea Industry is Celebrating

01:30:00 PM

Here at CHD Expert we know a thing or two about the coffee and tea industry landscape in the United States. Coffee and Tea is the 8th most popular menu type among US restaurants, and the coffee and tea industry achieved a 0.9% growth between 2009 and 2013. There are over 28,000 coffee and tea es ...

Foodservice Trends: Pumpkin Spice Is Large and In Charge This Fall

07:00:00 AM

The fall season is now upon us, which can only mean one thing: it’s time for everyone’s favorite fall foodservice trend, Pumpkin Spice. Pumpkin spice has evolved from a simple seasonal flavor to a full-fledged food rock star. Pumpkin pie isn’t just for Thanksgiving anymore, folks. Starbucks rele ...

Restaurant Foot Printing: What to Consider When Opening a Restaurant

08:59:39 AM

Restaurant foot printing is vital when it comes to choosing the right setting for a new restaurant business. After all, what are the three most important things when opening a restaurant? Location, Location, Location. Restaurant foot printing and site selection is of particular importance to cha ...

CHD Expert now offers restaurant data on the Brazilian Foodservice Market

11:29:00 AM

Brazil may be best known for soccer and Carnival, but what most people may not know is that this vibrant nation is filled with interesting restaurants and many Brazilian foodies. With an evolving economy and a diverse and remarkable restaurant landscape, it is easy to see why CHD Expert, the Chi ...

Five Foodservice Trends on College Campuses

09:52:47 AM

The foodservice industry is always changing, but there is almost no better example of that than on university and college campuses. The campus dining experience of yesterday has been replaced with a new model. Today’s students (and tomorrow’s consumers) aren’t interested in their parents’ campus ...

CHD Expert Tradeshow Recap: Summer 2014

09:45:33 AM

Here at CHD Expert, we love connecting with people and learning about the latest industry innovations, which is why we’re glad to attend foodservice trade shows. In July we profiled our picks for the Top Five Food Service Trade Shows For The Second Half of 2014, and we’ve had the opportunity to ...

Using Data to Plan Foodservice Marketing Strategies

04:39:33 PM

The foodservice industry is always changing, which makes it challenging for marketers to develop winning campaigns. With so many changes taking place, it can be a daunting task for marketers to stay on top of the latest changes and stay one step ahead of the competition. But what if there was a ...

CHD Expert speaks to FoodNavigator-USA about the school food landscape

06:38:00 PM

Brad Bloom, director of sales at CHD Expert, recently shared some insight with FoodNavigator-USA about the school foodservice landscape. The article discusses school foodservice data from CHD Expert's Easy2FIND database and helps food manufacturers take a deeper look at this unique segment. Read ...

CHD Expert’s Top Five Food Service Trade Shows For The Second Half of 2014

02:32:12 PM

CHD Expert has had the opportunity to attend and explore many great foodservice trade shows since the beginning of the year, and the rest of the 2014 trade show season has us excited as well. One of the greater challenges we face here at CHD Expert is choosing which shows to attend and which sho ...

CHD Expert evaluates education foodservice across the nation

01:26:36 PM

School is out for the summer, but come August, many school foodservice faculty members are preparing meal plans and confirming operations for the fall. Two of the industry’s biggest national conferences occur in July, the School Nutrition Association (SNA) and the National Association of College ...

Happy 4th of July

09:00:00 AM

Happy 4th of July from CHD Expert! Independence Day brings many great things with it, including spending time with family and friends while enjoying delicious food. Whether you’ll be grilling up steaks, chicken, or even tofu, the 4th of July is a perfect time to relax and watch fireworks light u ...

Summer Fancy Food Show 2014 Recap

12:21:29 PM

The 60th Fancy Food Summer Show wrapped up on Tuesday in New York City. Being the largest specialty food & beverage event in North America with 180,000 innovative specialty food products on display, there was plenty to see and discover, including confections, cheese, coffee, snacks, spices, ethn ...

Use Data to Gain a Competitive Edge in Your Marketing

05:04:00 PM

The foodservice industry is always evolving, which can make it difficult to stay on top of market changes like restaurant openings, closings, or ownership changes. In fact, about 10% of the restaurant market is subject to change each year. With so many meaningful changes taking place, it can be ...

Taking a Bite Out of Hamburgers: America’s 4th Most Popular Menu Type

09:57:18 AM

With the summer season upon us millions of people will be hosting BBQs and grilling up juicy burgers for their friends and families as well as visiting restaurants to get a new taste of an old favorite. Did you know that "Hamburgers" is the 4th most popular menu type in the USA in terms of numbe ...

Where Will You Watch the World Cup? CHD Expert Evaluates the United States Bar Landscape and Other Popular Restaurant Destinations for Watching Big Sporting Events

01:03:25 PM

CHD Expert, a leading Chicago-based foodservice data and analytics firm, has released the latest data on bars, as these establishments gear up to show the 2014 FIFA World Cup matches. With 64-matches taking place over this month long event, come June 12th the world will be glued to their televis ...

Infographic: 38% of Foodservice Directors Are Adding Gluten-Free Menu Options

05:07:03 PM

As we previously wrote, gluten-free options are the next big trend on restaurant menus. Over a million Americans are cutting gluten from their diets and 38% of foodservice directors plan to add gluten-free options to their menus to meet the growing demand from consumers. So, how should the foods ...

NRA Trade Show 2014 Recap

12:44:56 PM

The NRA Show finished up this week, and CHD Expert was glad to be in attendance. As usual the show offered a wealth of new experiences, top innovations, networking opportunities, and interesting presentations. Because we had such a great time, we here at CHD Expert wanted to put together an NRA ...

Positive Restaurant Industry Outlook in Anticipation of the NRA Show

11:49:00 AM

According to CHD Expert’s latest data, the US restaurant industry has achieved a 2.7 percent net growth in 2013. The National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show is taking place this month in Chicago, hometown to leading foodservice data and analytics firm CHD Expert. In advance of the show, their ...

10 Fun Facts You Need To Know About The Foodservice Industry

09:22:00 AM

There's good news on the horizon. According to our latest data, the US restaurant industry is recovering and achieved a 2.7% net growth in 2013. We at CHD Expert love data, especially positive data about the restaurant industry! CHD Expert is home to the latest and most comprehensive data in the ...

The Coffee and Tea Segment Represents 4.2% of total U.S. Restaurants

09:07:40 AM

With the 26th annual SCAA event taking place in Seattle this month, CHD Expert, the leading Chicago-based foodservice data and analytics firm has released the latest figures around the Coffee and Tea industry in the United States. Most American adults drink coffee every day, and coffee is one of ...

Mexican food is the 3rd most popular menu type in the USA, representing 8 percent of the total national restaurant landscape

09:02:00 AM

With Cinco de Mayo right around the corner, many Americans will be celebrating Mexican heritage with tacos, tamales, and tequila. In preparation of this Mexican American holiday, CHD Expert, the Chicago-based foodservice database and analytics firm, reports on the US Mexican restaurant industry ...

Why Accurate Foodservice Industry Data Matters

01:27:56 PM

The foodservice industry is always evolving. Each year about 10% of the restaurant market is subjected to change, whether it's restaurant closings, openings, or changes in ownerships. And, according to industry research, data degrades at 2.1% per month. That's a lot of numbers to keep track of, ...

Gluten Free Options Are The Next Big Trend On Restaurant Menus

10:55:22 AM

Recent research from the Mayo Clinic has shown that approximately 1.8 million Americans have celiac disease, and of those, 1.4 million are unaware of their diagnosis. An additional 1.6 million Americans follow a gluten-free diet despite not being diagnosed with the condition. As the number of pe ...

March Trade Show Recap – Pizza Expo and the Bar and Nightclub Show

04:19:00 PM

Foodservice trade shows are plentiful in March and this month our Director of Sales, Brad Bloom, has been racking up the air miles.  After recent visits to Orlando and Toronto, Brad is on the road once again, attending the 2014 Pizza Expo and the Nightclub and Bar show in Las Vegas. Going on a b ...

Restaurant Data – Restaurant Menus Added to Google Search Results

01:41:54 PM

For many users, Google is the primary filter through which they received information, and Google has always been at the forefront of data trends and search innovation. One of such innovations is the pulling of data from webpages and making them accessible right on the search result page. Already ...

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